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The Ultimate Guide for Liturgical Dance, Flags, Banners and Praise & Worship

Today, God is releasing His body to a new level of expression in worship which involves dance, flags, and banners. Worship creates an atmosphere that invites and allows God to respond to us. Through worship the Lord releases his anointing to the church for praise, prophecy, warfare, healing, and deliverance. Miracles take place as we enter into the very presence of God.


It is my desire that this manual will be a help to you. Dancing in the church has taken a new dimension and without proper knowledge and instruction, it could lead to unnecessary problems personally, as well as, to the local church.


God is restoring Arts in the church, and there are hidden treasures, gifts, and talents, that must be released in this 21st Century body of Christ.


Prophetic Worship will draw people of all ages into the Kingdom of God.

Warfare Praise in song and dance shall break the chains and disarm the enemy and set the captives free.

Restoration of the Arts

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