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Meet Our Staff

"...Christ is the Head of the Church..."  ~ Ephesians 5:23

Board of Directors

President: Delores L. Kendrick

Secretary: Bernice Cooper

Treasurer: Marilyn Nilsson

Advisors: Sherrell Bigham & Kareen Torgerson

Department Heads


Diane Taylor


Children’s Church
Debra Kendrick


April Gill-Davis


Drama Ministry
Debra Kendrick


Finance Department
Sherrell Bigham


Willie & Shirley Robinson

Media Department

Lawrence Bigham


Men’s Fellowship

James Jones


Women's Fellowship

Debra Kendrick  


Praise and Worship and Dance
Debra Kendrick  


Pastor’s Care Directors
Jaime and Cynthia Tranmer


Holiday Outreach
James & Venessa Jones

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