Live Stream Instructions

Phone (audio only):

Option 1 

  1. Tap link to join (on TOP website)

  2. ZOOM will answer, but let the phone automatically dial Meeting ID

  3. If ZOOM asks for Participant ID, press # key on your phone’s keypad

  4. Enjoy the service!

Option 2

  1. Dial 1-669-900-6833  Access Code: 494666099#

  2. Enjoy the service!


Phone or tablet (with video):

  1. Tap link (on TOP website)

  2. If you have the ZOOM app already installed on your device, skip to step 6

  3. If you don’t have the ZOOM app installed, you will get an invalid link message

  4. Tap OK and scroll down to Download the App

  5. Once the ZOOM app has loaded, go back and tap on the link on the website

  6. The ZOOM app will open and ask for your name. Enter your name and click Continue

  7. ZOOM will ask to access your microphone, tap OK

  8. ZOOM will ask to send you notifications, tap Allow

  9. ZOOM will ask you to use Internet Audio, select this option

  10. You should now be in the meeting

  11. In the lower left corner of the screen (upper right if using an iPad), tap Start Video

  12. Enjoy the service!


Computer (with video):

  1. Click link (on TOP website)

  2. If you have ZOOM installed on your computer, click OPEN in the dialog box that pops up, and skip to step 7.

  3. If you don’t have ZOOM installed, Click Download and run ZOOM

  4. When this is complete, a dialog box will open to ask for your name

  5. Enter your name and then click Join the Meeting

  6. In the next dialog box, click join Computer Audio

  7. In the lower left corner of the ZOOM screen, click Start Video

  8. Enjoy the service!